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It’s doesent matter if you are a landowner, a freelancer or a company. Our web app is ready for every case. Thanks to a flexible, zero code-approach, Latitudo 40 offers anyone the ability to purchase they own carbon tokens  very easly.

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It’s very simple.
Start the registration process by specigyng the type of customer of you are and sign in.

Analytics Algoritms

Through some information our algorithms will procede to analyze and propose the best offer.


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Quikly visualize your carbon footprint and the cities you can help by planting trees and investing in green areas.
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Access to your carbon tokens easily, via your personalized wallet. Start the registration process by specigyng the type of customer of you are and sign in.

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We are the only platform that connects companies with local landowners, farms and cities, to contribute to carbon sequestration reduction.

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Cicerale Forest (Italy)

Situated on a hill overlooking the upper course of the Alento and the dam built in the second half of the 20th century, Cicerale, with its territory of over 41 square kilometres, is one of the largest in the Cilento area south of Salerno.

Belcastro (Italy)

Belcastro lies on the south-eastern slopes of the Sila Piccola towards the Ionian coast and this position reserves the notable merit of being able to reach the sea or the mountains in a few minutes. On the left of the town is the Nasari valley, the unspoilt natural heart of the place.

Moio della Civitella (Italy)

Close to the town centre, centuries-old chestnut groves stand guard, and on the hillsides, over 800 metres away, lies an archaeological area whose historical setting is still uncertain. It was certainly a highly strategic site, built between the 4th and 3rd centuries.

Cerisano (Italy)

In the province of Cosenza lies a wonderful natural site with an uncontaminated and rich environmental heritage, making it possible to venture on mountain hikes among plateaus full of large beech and chestnut forests.

Our technology

Latitudo 40 has integrated the main satellite operators catalogues and also some the most promising start-ups in the Earth observation landscape. Our aquisition engine can find the best and cut out the portion needed for any specific analysis. For guaranteed, continous monitoring activities, we perform automatic tasking on many satellites, without any uman action, with a back-end connection to our partners planning sistems. We search and collect petabytes of images from a large number of sensors and constellations, in order to offer the higest level and quality of services to our customers.

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